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Writing A New Musical - A 10-Week Workshop

Over ten (10) weeks a team of 4-10 musical theatre creatives write a one-act, 60-minute musical theatre work guided and mentored by Jye Bryant with the use of his 2018 book - Writing & Staging A New Musical – A Handbook and associated Course Workbook (both supplied). 


The process ends when the brand-new-never-before-seen musical theatre work is presented at a workshop (seated reading) before a group of chosen, trusted thespians and allies with the hope of gaining valuable feedback and direction.​


For more information, e-mail:


Image (right): The young people from Rocky Hill Musical Theatre Company (NSW) at the workshop for their brand new musical, Goldie, in April 2021.

Theatre Writing For Nursing

Since 2022, Jye Bryant designed and facilitated five Theatre Writing For Nursing programs with the academic staff of the Nursing and Midwifery section of Western Sydney University. Across five weeks, participants wrote a 10-15 minute play/screenplay aimed at educating tertiary Nursing and Midwifery students in a project called Unfolding Narratives.

Image (left): The writers from Western Sydney University Nursing and Midwifery section at the filming of their first screenplay, Eric's Bad Day. September 2022.

Song & Lyric Writing Lessons

Song & Lyric Writing Lessons are tailor-made to your learning style and individual goals. This can include anything from learning how to write full songs (in any style), lyrics, musical compositions, band arrangements (for any ensemble), music theory (including traditional music notation), or a combination of all of these skills.

Having taught across primary, secondary and tertiary education over the past 15 years, Jye Bryant's approach to education is learner-centred, strengths-based and trauma-informed. He recognises that there are many styles of learning and that not all learners have the same skills or strengths. It is his firm belief that an educator must meet their student where they are at in regards to skill level and ability.​ 

For more information, e-mail: 

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