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Jye Bryant is the creative force behind an array of spellbinding musical theatre productions that have graced stages around the globe. With a passion for storytelling through song, Jye's journey in the world of musical theatre has been nothing short of extraordinary with his most well-known musical, The Things I Could Never Tell Steven, having had 11 international seasons including the National Theatre of Parramatta (2020), Pride Arts Chicago (2021), Northwestern State University of Louisiana (2022) and Belfast’s Outside The Lines Theatre Company (2019).

The songs from Jye’s musicals have also had a life of their own, featuring in countless international showcases and cabarets including London’s West End Ribbons of Life  Showcase (2016), the Allen & Gray New Voices Concert, USA (2020), New Works Laboratory (Stray Dog Theatre, St Louis, USA, 2021), Contempo (Pepperdine University, California, USA, 2021), New Artist Cabaret (Alturas Theatre Company, Union Theatre London, 2024) as well as two seasons of the reality television musical theatre competition Broadway Bound Live (Katharsis Media, USA, 2020 & 2023).

Jye’s expertise has been further showcased through workshops and educational initiatives, including the publication of two books, Writing & Staging A New Musical – A Handbook (2018) and Lyric Writing in 5 Easy Steps – A Step-By-Step Guide (2021).


With a keen eye for storytelling and an ear for melody, Jye continues to push the boundaries of musical theatre, captivating audiences with his vision and imagination.

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