Jye Bryant

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Watch this space for updates on the Original Australian Cast Recording!
WATCH THIS SPACE... 4 new Jye Bryant musicals on their way!!!
Currently in the workshopping process, comes Jye's next musical, IN GOD WE CRUST, an eccentric musical about a woman who discovers the face of Jesus in her toast!
In 2017, The Things I Could Never Tell Steven - A New Australian Musical returned to Sydney as part of the Sydney Fringe Festival and New Theatre's Queer Fringe! Starring Matilda Moran, Ruth Strutt, Adam Majsay & Lucas Glover. Directed by Alex Kendall Robson with Musical Direction by Antonio Fernandez. Watch the show here.
You can now download the sheet music to all of your favourite JYE BRYANT songs here. 

Some of the songs from THE THINGS I COULD NEVER TELL STEVEN were performed in a West End showcase of new international musicals called THE RIBBONS OF LIFE on Friday 22nd January, 2016! 

Jye is currently working on his brand new Australian musical about his famous convict ancestor, Billy Blue who (according to my research) was possibly born to escaped African American slaves in Long Island, New York. He somehow ended up in England before stealing sugar and being sent to Sydney in 1801. Stay tuned to learn more about this quirky character of colonial Sydney!
Follow Jye's progress and creative process here.

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